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Right now being in design has opened my eyes and made me look at many things differently. For example, if I am walking down the street and I see a logo that uses comic sans while the kerning has the letters touching, it drives me up the wall. Same with different layouts of spaces and how people interact with spaces. There is always a need for proper flow to help guide the user in your space, and this interests me greatly.


On a side note, one thing that everyone knows about myself is that I am an avid skier that loves to spend time in Canmore or Jasper ripping around in the powder, as well as spending my ski nights outside taking photos of the stars with the snow covered mountains. I believe the cold is worth every second to get that one shot that takes my breath away.

Another passion of mine is cars. Even though I crashed my first car and have owned three different cars, my love for each of them is the same. The rush and excitement of driving fast around corners (carefully I might add) is exhilarating and I do not believe that I could own a slow car again.

My future is a little foggy as of now. I am currently looking at finding a university for me to take my Masters of Architecture at. After I am finished that I plan on working as a full time architect either in Calgary or Edmonton.

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